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The World According to Us with R'nel & Maloney

Gary R'nel & Kathleen Maloney

"The World According to Us" offers two unique perspectives on News and Lifestyle issues that touch our lives daily. While Gary R'nel and Kathleen Maloney offer distinctly differing opinions on just about everything, there is one common denominator that both agree on: The show needs to be both Entertaining and Informative. It is not a lecture on the way you should think! Well, maybe on occasion. Our segment, "The Odd & the Offbeat," features our reaction to lifestyle issues and the sometimes bizarre. And, you might react by thinking that Gary or Kathleen's reaction to everyday life is somewhat bizarre. "The World According to Us" is the Left, the Right and Moderate, perfectly ensconced in an engaging venue. Successful hosts are known for their distinctive perspectives. R’nel & Maloney offer colorful personalities that have consistently engaged audiences. Step into our world!